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You’re Welcome

Accepting thanks

“Thank You.”

It’s a common enough phrase and I’m sure you’ve had it said to you many times. So many times in fact that your response becomes routine and automatic. ((Almost like saying “Bless you” or “Gesundheit” when someone sneezes.))

And this got me thinking about the responses and their effect on the flow of gratitude.

When you hear someone thank you, how do you respond?

Do you deflect the thanks by saying “it was nothing”?

Or possibly pass the thanks off by saying it was “no problem”?

Or do you accept the thanks and complete the flow of gratitude?

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Love is the Killer App

Become a Lovecat and give it away

Tim Sanders’ book “Love is the Killer App” has been out for several years, and while I know I’ve come across the term “Lovecat” before, I hadn’t read the book until recently. But if thoughts and ideas are things that have form and find a home in receptive places, I caught the idea without ever having touched a page;-)

Tim espouses the concept that the world is run with knowledge, networks, and compassion, and that nice smart people succeed (NSPS).

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Comfort Zone – Redux

Read more – get out of your Comfort Zone

It seems quite a while ago that I was talking about getting out of your comfort zone to grow, but it all came back when I read Robert Middleton’s blog this week.

I’ve been adding various RSS feeds and newsletters from other writers at a good rate these past six months, and it’s interesting to read other views on the same material that I’ve covered.

Robert’s premise is that “there are no marketing breakthroughs inside the comfort zone.”

That sounds quite similar to what I’ve written about – and then he goes on…

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Patterns That Catch Your Eye

Are they the same or different?

You walk into a crowded room, and your attention is drawn to one person in particular.

Is it the girl in the trendy outfit that looks like she walked off the latest fashion magazine cover?

Or is it the boy dressed unlike anyone else there – wearing punk at a gathering of preppies?

You may never think to consider, but why did you focus on that particular person?

It depends on how you match patterns – some people look for similarities, others for differences. Which are you?

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Copyblogger Gives First!

Give First Economics in the real world

Copyblogger.com is a great site to follow. And not just for people interested in online marketing. Even though they focus on copy writing for online marketing, their tips and advice can be applied to any writing project.

And the best part of it all? The fact that they practice Give First Economics!

Ok, you may be thinking “But anyone can give away a free newsletter. What’s so special about this one?”

Well, let me tell you what I think is so special about Copyblogger.com …

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