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You’re Welcome

Accepting thanks

“Thank You.”

It’s a common enough phrase and I’m sure you’ve had it said to you many times. So many times in fact that your response becomes routine and automatic. ((Almost like saying “Bless you” or “Gesundheit” when someone sneezes.))

And this got me thinking about the responses and their effect on the flow of gratitude.

When you hear someone thank you, how do you respond?

Do you deflect the thanks by saying “it was nothing”?

Or possibly pass the thanks off by saying it was “no problem”?

Or do you accept the thanks and complete the flow of gratitude?

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Please and Thank You

The Magic of Politeness

Ask any child “What’s the magic word?” and they’ll probably respond “please.”

Most of us were taught to use “please” when asking for something and to say “thank you” when we got what we asked for. Yet I very rarely see those words used by ‘adults’ – especially when communicating online.

So what happened? When did we forget to be polite? When did common courtesy become a rare trait?

I’m not sure about the answer, but I do know we can all benefit from being more polite to each other.

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