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A New Book – Bits of Complexity

Bits of Complexity

I’ve helped bring a new book into the world and thought I’d take a moment to talk about the book and the process.

Do you remember that old problem about dividing a number by two if it’s even, and multiplying it by three and adding one if it’s odd? If you repeat that enough for any number, it always gets to 1. But nobody has ever proved that it does for all numbers. (we just had no example where it didn’t work)

Well, that’s changing…

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Finding Kamiwaza

In The Icarus Deception of course…

I’m a Seth Godin fan, so it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that I joined the Kickstarter campaign quite early.

The book’s out, I’ve had my read, and he’s introduced me to a new word that I love: Kamiwaza…

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Book Review: Born To Run

It’s in everyone’s background

This is a review for non-athletes – I expect every runner has already heard of Christopher McDougall’s Born To Run – A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen. But if you happen to be a runner who hasn’t had the chance to take it in, you’ll want to…

Running isn’t normally an entertaining sort of subject. To compound that, this non-fiction book is stuck in the library’s “Athletic & outdoor sports & games” section… I note that of the county library’s 24 copies, half are currently checked out – that’s both an impressive number of copies within the system and a heavy current usage.

Trust me – it’s that good.

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Book Review: Linchpin

Seth Godin’s appeal to take your future into your own hands

Perhaps the tag line of Seth Godin’s book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? didn’t connect with me – I already think I’m indispensable, so why would I want to read about that?

The book however is much more than that single thread. I’m glad it appeared in my hands; come on, let’s look into it.

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Book Review: Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell’s look into the wildly successful

I continue to enjoy books by Malcolm Gladwell.  The latest I’ve read (or more precisely heard) being “Outliers: The Story of Success“. Before I had a chance to get this material first hand though, I listened to a friend review the book for a networking group. And as with Blink, I found a copy in the books-on-CD section of the library – read by Gladwell.  And so once again I enjoyed listening to the book, though my familiarity with the material made the experience seem odd.

Normally one might get a recommendation with a few words, or have only a brief introduction to the topic.  But as I progressed through the book I had the funny feeling that I had actually read that part of the book before;-)  My good friend (Jim) had done such a thorough job of covering the material that the examples and imagery was already complete in my mind – and here I was listening to it again.

Both events proved enjoyable and I see more of what it takes to succeed…

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