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Love is the Killer App

Become a Lovecat and give it away

Tim Sanders’ book “Love is the Killer App” has been out for several years, and while I know I’ve come across the term “Lovecat” before, I hadn’t read the book until recently. But if thoughts and ideas are things that have form and find a home in receptive places, I caught the idea without ever having touched a page;-)

Tim espouses the concept that the world is run with knowledge, networks, and compassion, and that nice smart people succeed (NSPS).



In his book, “Love is the Killer App”, Tim defines Lovecats as savvy, well-connected people who genuinely care about their business partners. They achieve greater success by generously sharing their knowledge, network, and compassion with others.


To be able to help people, you have to have something of value – and knowledge is the most valuable thing you can offer.

This is the place where Tim suggests everyone read more books. And while I agree with the thought that everyone needs to read more, I’m perhaps a little more forgiving of what should be read. Blogs for example, are just fine with me!-)


Who you know, and how you communicate. It’s important that you generously spread what you know around. Effective networking spreads your knowledge around.


Love – and Tim refers to Milton Mayeroff’s definition of love – “the selfless promotion of the growth of the other” – is an essential component. You’ve got to genuinely care about the other individual, and share your knowledge with them so that they succeed.


Hmmm this is looking awfully similar to Give First Economics – Give what you have to others and succeed.

Read the book

I teased you with the comment that Nice Smart People Succeed – that’s another of Tim’s suggestions. You might be happy being just a nice person, but to succeed you’ll have to be smart about it.

Read the book to take it all in, and I think you’ll be pleased with the time you’ve invested.