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Comfort Zone – Redux

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It seems quite a while ago that I was talking about getting out of your comfort zone to grow, but it all came back when I read Robert Middleton’s blog this week.

I’ve been adding various RSS feeds and newsletters from other writers at a good rate these past six months, and it’s interesting to read other views on the same material that I’ve covered.

Robert’s premise is that “there are no marketing breakthroughs inside the comfort zone.”

That sounds quite similar to what I’ve written about – and then he goes on…


Plans to get out of the marketing comfort zone

Robert builds the premise in the first of this two-part article, ‘The Marketing Comfort Zone‘, that it isn’t good to stay in your comfort zone.

The second part, ‘Outside the Marketing Comfort Zone‘, really caught my attention, it deals with getting out of the comfort zone and provides a bit of advice to make one aware of the cost, and to get moving. In my Stress from the Non-Standard, I’m a bit more subtle in suggesting that you need to get out of your comfort zone, and show you an event from my life where I’m doing that. Robert hits you over the head, tells you it’s a bad place to be, and gives you an exercise to help you get going…

He suggests that to get out of the rut you’re in, you need to shift your perspective. (And there’s another word that comes up in my writing often – perhaps you can see why I was attracted to his e-zine in the first place;-)

The “big win” and the thing to take away from reading the article is that we all tend to be comfortable doing what we’ve been doing – even if it hasn’t been effective. And if we look at the cost of failing to do what needs to be done to succeed, we’d start doing it right away;-)

Free marketing advice – Robert gives first too…

Robert is an excellent marketer, and un-announced follower of Give First Economics – he’s handing out excellent advice, establishing himself as a marketing leader, and quite likely earning business as a result of it.

On my say so, check him out – and if you’d like to get his advice directly, sign up for the e-zine or RSS feed yourself.