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The Most Important Words

Summing up life in a handful of words

What’s the one most important word?

How would you come to figure that out?

And if one word is important, then what would be the two, three or even four most important?

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Living Unconsciously

Unaware of effects on the world

This is a new sort of realization for me – that some people move through life, but don’t have a clue that they affect everything around them.

How are we supposed to live with them?

I’m not sure I have an answer, but take a walk with me and have a look around…

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Simplifying Life

Dropping Attachments

Hi, my name is Steve, and I’m a collector…

The proper response at this point is to say “Hi Steve”, and then we’ll get into our discussion – because identifying your issue is the first step to managing it;-)

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Swift Climax

I wasn’t ready for that…

Rarely in life do I see things as clearly as in my last post – Getting Ready – and then have an immediate followup…

Here on Timely Insights we post articles on Mondays … the answer came on Tuesday. And while I was ‘ready’ in the sense that I knew something was coming, I was still shocked at what it was.

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Getting Ready

Growing Expectations

Something’s on the horizon in my life – I just don’t know what it is or how long before it arrives.

You see, I’ve been cleaning my personal office space over the last few weeks … sorting through old files and boxes of stuff, tossing clutter, and rearranging things … all in preparation – for something.

And if that’s my nesting response, the question is –

What am I getting ready for?

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