16 Jul, 2024


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What is Timely Insights on the Net?

Timely Insights is a site devoted to exploring the nature of human life in our times. We hope you will enjoy the articles and discussion threads for what they bring to the table, and we also hope that in exploring these topics you find yourself taking a few more steps along the path of life – steps that you appreciate taking.

We wanted timely because the right advice at the wrong time is just as useless as the wrong advice at any time. Consider the fortunes of the railroad – at three different times one could have received the advice “get into the railroad business”. Before the technology and resources existed, this statement would be taken as nonsense – what is this thing called the railroad? As railroads were developed however, the advice to get into the business would make fortunes. Finally – in today’s climate, getting “into” railroads might not be a bad investment, but it is certainly not as lucrative as it once was.

Some advice is timeless – “Love one another” – and we’ll definitely include that, and some advice is specific – “The concert Friday night at 8:00 should be good” or “The weather should be hot this week” – and we may include some of that. What we will do more so is focus on those things that are timely for our lives today.

Oftentimes these days we have lots of information (that doesn’t tell us anything) and situations are complex, it leaves people asking – “Just what does this mean?” Our goal is to present one way of looking at it. If that helps you come to a place where you appreciate things better, we’re glad to hear of it. If what we’ve said is opposed to what you believe – we can accept that, and would like your consideration – we’ll examine our beliefs if you are willing to examine yours.

Our intent is to cover topics that a) we think of, b) seem interesting, and c) can write effectively about – but we welcome feedback on the items we post, and on suggestions of what to look into.

And so – please enjoy our site, and if there is some way that I can be of service to you, please let me know.

Who are the people behind Timely Insights?

Steven Mark Tylock

Steve thinks Bob Dole was right in talking about himself in the third person…-)

Steve is an Information Technology Executive, Strategist, Creative Thinker, Author, Speaker, Husband, Father, Child of God.  He says so right on his LinkedIn profile.

His professional experience includes IT infrastructure support from early system administration roles through team leadership, management and overall technology direction.  He has consulted in education, product development, manufacturing, government, small and large business environments.

His love of singing and community theater has put him on and off stage for a number of years;  he is currently performing with the Traveling Cabaret.  He finds enjoyment orienteering (running with a purpose) in the parks of Western New York, and has equal fun skiing when snow is on the ground.  Other interests include scouting, boating, hiking, fishing, golfing, and most any manner of game playing.

The youngest of six himself, Steve and his wife raise their four children in a suburban home that also includes various family pets and temporary guests of all sizes.

John Ciappetta

Hmmmm … Let’s see, a bio of myself. Well, I’m Steve’s partner in this endeavor. I’ve known him and his wonderful family for over 20 years now.

I handle the design, programming, and maintenance of the Timely Insights web site. I proof and edit Steve’s writing and occasionally do some writing of my own. I’ve taken up wood turning and sell my hand crafted gifts both online and at craft shows (I built that web site also.)

I’m a certified computer geek and gamer and have been since the early days, starting with a VIC-20 and C-64. I’ve since moved on to bigger and more complex computers and games but I still have fond memories of cooking breakfast on the infamous 1541 disk drive while finishing an all night session of Yee-Ar Kung Fu with my roommates.

And if you’re wondering about the lack of an image for me, it has nothing to do with pictures stealing my spirit or soul (although current ‘celebrity’ antics could be used to support this theory), it’s more that I don’t really like the idea of my stupidity recorded for the ages. I have no problem making a fool of myself, I just don’t want a record of it. :)