Copyblogger Gives First!

Give First Economics in the real world is a great site to follow. And not just for people interested in online marketing. Even though they focus on copy writing for online marketing, their tips and advice can be applied to any writing project.

And the best part of it all? The fact that they practice Give First Economics!

Ok, you may be thinking “But anyone can give away a free newsletter. What’s so special about this one?”

Well, let me tell you what I think is so special about …


Stream of articles on writing and blogging

I can’t claim to read every piece Copyblogger publishes, but the ones I have read are well written and informative. They offer a nice supply of useful articles from a stable of regular authors.

The writing is concise and entertaining. They present their point and back it up in a way that makes sense. Their advice is sound and relevant – not only for anyone writing marketing copy but for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

“Take out the bad parts” ~ Stephen King

According to Stephen King, those 5 words are the secret to successful writing. In a recent Copyblogger article – Get Anyone to Read Every Word You Write With These 7 Steps – the author, Brian Clark, goes into more detail about the concept behind those words before summarizing the promised seven steps.

I follow Brian’s writing through RSS feeds, and when the headline interests me, I dig in. I found this article to be an excellent read and it contains some of the best advice I’ve seen recently.

Giving First

You may be thinking, “Ok, Copyblogger has great authors and publishes useful and informative articles, but what does that have to do with Give First Economics?”

They have several authors regularly providing well-written, useful articles for 21,000 subscribers and all for free.

According to Dane Carlson’s “How Much is your Blog Worth”, Copyblogger is valued at about $1.7million.

Not bad if you ask me.

That’s the power of giving first;-)

What can you give away today?

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