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Zen of Blogging

A nice piece of writing to connect to

Hunter Nuttall’s work is making the rounds. I thought his article on Zen and Blogging was such a nice read that I’m happy to do my part to get others to read it.

I liked his message that in some cases, you know what you know only after you know what you don’t know.

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Comfort Zone – Redux

Read more – get out of your Comfort Zone

It seems quite a while ago that I was talking about getting out of your comfort zone to grow, but it all came back when I read Robert Middleton’s blog this week.

I’ve been adding various RSS feeds and newsletters from other writers at a good rate these past six months, and it’s interesting to read other views on the same material that I’ve covered.

Robert’s premise is that “there are no marketing breakthroughs inside the comfort zone.”

That sounds quite similar to what I’ve written about – and then he goes on…

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From an Escape to Success

Three links that lead to a great deal of insight

I’ve taken a liking to Pamela Slim’s “Escape from Cubicle Nation” partially because she talks about a process for career liberation that I have been living for the past five years.

In September, she pointed out a free teleclass by Srikumar Rao in her blog “Don’t miss this free teleclass…” – and it looked interesting. Of course, having missed the teleclass, I was disappointed; but all was not lost.

You see, Leading News sponsored the teleclass, and decided to post the audio of that seminar for anyone that missed it! Pamela pointed that out, and I followed her link to the Leading News archive that contains the recording of “Creating your Own Success”.

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Tony Robbins Speaks at TED

The 20 minute video you MUST see

Tony Robins usually works with a group for two to three days – this time he was invited to speak at TED for twenty minutes and give a condensed version of his material. I don’t care if you’ve never heard of Tony Robbins, love him, or hate him – you will want to see what he’s got to say.

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Your Achievement Ezine

A good source of insights

I started getting different electronic magazines (ezines) a while back – my take is like that of Forest Gump and the chocolates: you never quite know what you’ll get. Some times there isn’t much to them, and other times an article will get you to take notice and consider. The Achievement Ezine had one like that over the summer…

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