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Love is the Killer App

Become a Lovecat and give it away

Tim Sanders’ book “Love is the Killer App” has been out for several years, and while I know I’ve come across the term “Lovecat” before, I hadn’t read the book until recently. But if thoughts and ideas are things that have form and find a home in receptive places, I caught the idea without ever having touched a page;-)

Tim espouses the concept that the world is run with knowledge, networks, and compassion, and that nice smart people succeed (NSPS).

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Patterns That Catch Your Eye

Are they the same or different?

You walk into a crowded room, and your attention is drawn to one person in particular.

Is it the girl in the trendy outfit that looks like she walked off the latest fashion magazine cover?

Or is it the boy dressed unlike anyone else there – wearing punk at a gathering of preppies?

You may never think to consider, but why did you focus on that particular person?

It depends on how you match patterns – some people look for similarities, others for differences. Which are you?

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Lunch On The Loose

Everybody’s got to get lunch, right?

Three years ago our group was looking for a new place to meet in the evening – one of our members made a suggestion and several of us decided to try it out for lunch. We liked that get together so much we decided to make it a new monthly attraction for our group – Lunch on the Loose!

The rules are simple – get out once a month with peers for a chance to talk and network over lunch at a new place. Follow our example and you’re liable to start down the path outlined by Keith Ferrazzi when he suggests you should Never Eat Alone!

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Give First Economics – Part II

The next economic revolution

It is better to give – and companies are using that fact to thrive.

Given any market where there are five to ten major brands, two-dozen minor brands and a store label to choose from, each with specific models, features and prices – how is it that some of them sell strongly, some limp along, and others just fail? The classic theorists will answer “supply and demand”, others will chime in with market facts and figures, but most will miss the simple answer that is easy to understand – the successful ones give first.

I’ve previously discussed Give First Economics from a personal perspective, and this article will explore it from the point of view of a business. Successful businesses give value first – and make strong, lasting relationships based on it.

That’s a powerful statement, and the foundation for the material that follows.

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Give First Economics

The next economic revolution

It is better to give – and people are using that fact to thrive.

Have you ever met someone that brings out the best in themselves and others, someone you can’t help but like and admire? If you pay attention, you’ll notice that people like this all have one thing in common – they are all unselfish with their time and energy. They give their time in support of great causes, they give their financial support where it can make a difference, and they give without demanding – without the promise of something in return.

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