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Everyone networks with an Agenda

Do you keep others in mind when you network?

My first real encounter with a great networker came back in the 90’s when I switched jobs and spent a great deal of time with Fred. Fred knew something about anything that was going on, and with a little effort, could find out much more. He was a hub.

While I’ve never really been interested in “gossip”, I saw that passing along information and connecting people was a great help – and completely different than talking about the outfit that so-and-so wore the other day…

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Networking at the Frog Pond

Darcy Rezac’s – The Frog and Prince

What does a frog pond have to do with building you support network?

Like the princess looking for her prince, you’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs to build a good network. And to find the frogs, you’ll need to hang out at ponds.

In Darcy Rezac’s book “The Frog and Prince”, Darcy talks about way to build and maintain your support network. With a “fun” backdrop of frogs, ponds, and insightful anecdotes, Darcy gives you plans and advice that should help you ribbet with the best of them – and avoid croaking.

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Lunch On The Loose

Everybody’s got to get lunch, right?

Three years ago our group was looking for a new place to meet in the evening – one of our members made a suggestion and several of us decided to try it out for lunch. We liked that get together so much we decided to make it a new monthly attraction for our group – Lunch on the Loose!

The rules are simple – get out once a month with peers for a chance to talk and network over lunch at a new place. Follow our example and you’re liable to start down the path outlined by Keith Ferrazzi when he suggests you should Never Eat Alone!

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