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Wrong Lessons From The Emperor’s New Clothes

That complaining about somebody else is good…

Everybody likes the story about The Emperor’s New Clothes. What’s not to like? A pompous king, the pretentious court, some swindling tailors, and a truthful child.

But the other day after thinking about it, I’m not so sure we aren’t getting another subliminal message from the tale…

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On My Dislike Of The Third Grade

Had I done something wrong?

Of all the school years that I sat through, I think my least favorite was the third grade.

And as I thought about it over this past weekend, I think I figured it out…

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Social Responsibility


I’ll share with you – even when you might not share with me.


I may not be my brother’s keeper,

But can I turn my back when he wanders off?

Upside Down

I’m responsible for my children,

And they’re responsible for their lives,

But is there really one moment when it switches from one to the other? Or reverses?


Employment Relations Gone Bad

Or how bad behavior begets bad behavior…

This topic came about though an email exchange I had with a long-time associate under the topic of how to handle getting let go.

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I’m Paying For That

And you are too…

Ran across an interesting note to myself with this topic in it – from last winter.

It struck a nerve in me then and still bugs me a bit – so here, let me explain…

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