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Playing Fast with The Speed of Trust

Consider Stephen M.R. Covey’s work if you’re moving slowly

Stephen M.R. Covey’s book “The Speed of Trust; The One Thing That Changes Everything” came to me through a recommendation by a new acquaintance. The individual was commenting on my statement that I get most of my IT consulting and LinkedIn training work through direct reference … either from someone that I know from a previous relationship, or from someone who has talked with someone I know.

The point being made though was that it works because I’ve established a trust relationship with these business professionals, and that trust is extended to the person they know.

And that trust makes things happen – quickly.

Would you like to hear how that happens?
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Monkey Management

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

I recall reading this book early in my corporate career – and a recent comment brought it to mind, so I had to check it out of the library and review it;-)

What do you get when you take one writer whose philosophy is managing people well – in one minute increments, and team him up with another who compares life’s problems and issues with monkeys?

Ken Blanchard, William Oncken, Jr. and Hal Burrows team up to offer an insightful strategy for keeping everyone’s monkeys on their own shoulders.

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The moment when your unconscious comes to a decision

Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” came recommended by a good friend – and I was fortunate enough to find a copy in the books-on-CD section of the library – read by the author.  Listening to a book in this way is not something I’ve done before, and I really liked hearing it with the emphasis and inflections the author had in mind when he wrote it.

Blink explores the way we come to understand things first – below the surface – with our unconscious mind.  In some cases, the quick version or thin slice of an event can give us a surprisingly accurate evaluation, and in other instances, we can be completely misled.

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A Rose By Any Other Name

Would smell as sweet – and remind me of my library!

What name do you respond to? What name do you use for others? Do you make an effort to use the right name?

Everyone has a preference, a fear, and a comfort zone.

Can you afford to call someone by anything other than his or her preferred moniker?

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Succeed by Becoming a Category of One

Joe Calloway’s depiction of extraordinary success

I find a bit of humor in reading a good book for a second time by accident…

It’s interesting to see what ideas took hold from the first reading, and to pull out additional ideas that might have been pushed aside or simply missed in that first read-through.

That’s the case with Joe Calloway’s book, “Becoming a Category of One”, and I’m glad I came back to it.

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