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Living Unconsciously

Unaware of effects on the world

This is a new sort of realization for me – that some people move through life, but don’t have a clue that they affect everything around them.

How are we supposed to live with them?

I’m not sure I have an answer, but take a walk with me and have a look around…

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Everyone networks with an Agenda

Do you keep others in mind when you network?

My first real encounter with a great networker came back in the 90’s when I switched jobs and spent a great deal of time with Fred. Fred knew something about anything that was going on, and with a little effort, could find out much more. He was a hub.

While I’ve never really been interested in “gossip”, I saw that passing along information and connecting people was a great help – and completely different than talking about the outfit that so-and-so wore the other day…

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Three Dads at the Bus Stop

Not a mom in sight…

It was the beginning of what promised to be another beautiful day. Parents chatting about the coming day, kids running around waiting for the bus. That’s when it hit me. There wasn’t a mother in sight.

For at least several days a week, every week of this school year, there’ll only be fathers waiting at the bus stop. Funny thing is – it didn’t strike me until this morning that this might be odd…

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Just Three Conversations

Steve’s ‘Three Conversation’ Rule for Networking Events

Even if you don’t follow temperament profiles, you probably understand that introverts can have a difficult time meeting people at a networking event … While I fall into the middle area of that spectrum, I have never found it easy to “work” those types of events.

Because networking is an essential component of any professional’s arsenal I came up with the “three conversations” rule to help me connect.

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Get Together with your Neighbors

You might find something to talk about

I grew up with block parties, and so they hold a very special place in my heart. Warm August nights with fun games, plenty to eat, and all my neighborhood friends. Travel and camping plans were arranged around the date, and it signaled the end of summer, and no other event brought every family around the block together like it did. My wife and I decided to resurrect this tradition in our current neighborhood, and you can too