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Your Achievement Ezine

A good source of insights

I started getting different electronic magazines (ezines) a while back – my take is like that of Forest Gump and the chocolates: you never quite know what you’ll get. Some times there isn’t much to them, and other times an article will get you to take notice and consider. The Achievement Ezine had one like that over the summer…


Stay Focused on the Big Picture by Harvey Mackay

Harvey illustrates the point that you have to keep a sense of focus to achieve success. His stories about Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, and Babe Ruth are spot on. I don’t want to spoil them, so you should read them here:

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In other words … Focus.

Have you ever taken your eye off the ball and missed the play? Been distracted and lost your momentum? Then you know what it feels like to lose your focus.

Maintaining your focus is key. If you can zero in on the task at hand and focus fully on it, you can achieve amazing results.

My game face

For fun, I like to get on stage. It started when I was in school, and was rekindled in 1998 when our church’s music director decided to stage the musical GODSPELL. I volunteered to help, and auditioned – we discussed a role as a philosopher or possibly Judas. Imagine my surprise at the first organizational meeting to see my name listed as the lead – Jesus.

The show went wonderfully, and led to several more – and I stayed involved.

Later on, my wife has commented that I become “different” as opening night approaches. I used to think that it was in some way a “bad” thing, but after reading Harvey’s article, I now think of it as focus.

Before performances I’m not interested in much small talk – I’m concentrating on the show – the opening, lines, songs, and staging. At intermission, I’m getting ready for the second act – there’s enough time for a quick high five on the success of the first act, a refreshment, a bathroom break, and then it’s time to get back on stage. With dozens of people in the cast, crew, and orchestra, and hundreds in the audience, it isn’t realistic to think

that a great performance will happen automatically. It takes everyone involved focusing on the show … anything less will result in a sub par performance.

Later, after the show is over – then there’s time to let the focus go.

More free advice

As I said at the top – I find the Achievement Ezine useful, and you may also. The best part is it’s another example of Give First Economics.

What can you give away today?