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Tony Robbins Speaks at TED

The 20 minute video you MUST see

Tony Robins usually works with a group for two to three days – this time he was invited to speak at TED for twenty minutes and give a condensed version of his material. I don’t care if you’ve never heard of Tony Robbins, love him, or hate him – you will want to see what he’s got to say.


What’s TED?

I’ll admit to never having heard of TED before now. A friend shared a link to the google video of Tony Robbins, and I found the event through that. (The acronym stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design”) You can see for yourself on the TED
web site

TED invites fifty presenters to offer short presentations about the things that they are passionate about – across technology, arts, sciences, leadership, business, music, literature, etc.. What’s their criterion for inviting someone? “our sole criterion in selection has been: is this someone who is truly remarkable, someone who will astonish and delight the TED audience in 2007.”

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins’ TED appearance video is on the TED site as well as Google

Tony starts out saying he is glad to be there because he gets to “give something back”. He is able to quickly establish a rapport with the audience and get to his message – that “Emotion is the force of life”. In a nutshell – Tony states that everyone meets 4 needs – the need for certainty (control), the need for uncertainty (variety), the need for significance (uniqueness), and the need for connections and love (and we often settle for connections). Two greater needs lead to fulfillment, the need for growth and the need to contribute beyond ourselves.

This last need is punctuated when Tony says “the secret to living is giving”…


In Tony’s TED presentation, he references that he was giving a seminar in Hawaii on the date of the tragic events of Sept 11th – and that his event took an unusual turn, changing focus. You can find this on his site 911: Remembrance, Prayer and Gratitude”

Be careful, it may change your point of view…