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Gitomer Gives Advice

How can you give to make an impression?

Jeffrey Gitomer’s sales credentials run off the page (including columnist, speaker, and author of several books), and he’s willing to give you his advice … for free! You may think that if you’re not into sales there isn’t much to see, but I’d suggest otherwise – everybody is selling some thing at some time or another …-)


Fresh Brew For Your Brain

That’s the tag line of Jeffrey’s online newsletter “Sales Caffeine” – with the intent being that if you get coffee daily, can’t you get sales training and advice on a regular schedule as well? You can get it on the “free e-zine” tab of his home page: http://www.gitomer.com

Each weekly edition arrives in my inbox and has advice from Jeffrey, a guest author, a guest reader, and even has a section for submitted questions. I don’t mind seeing the modest advertising he places in the newsletter, it is, after all, offered free and I find it a valuable tool as well as a good read. I’ve even purchased one of his books through said advertising – and am happy I did.

Jeffrey gives good examples

One of the reasons I enjoy reading Jeffrey’s writings is his style. Sure, he’s got a thing where every list he makes has an extra half (.5) entry on the end – that’s his signature. But more importantly, his examples of the things that we do right (and wrong) are spot on and are a big help in illustrating his message.

In his latest edition, he talks about a hardware store that serves popcorn to its customers – for free! Why is this noteworthy? Read all about it here.

What can you give away today?