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The Most Important Words

Summing up life in a handful of words

What’s the one most important word?

How would you come to figure that out?

And if one word is important, then what would be the two, three or even four most important?



It may put me in with a crowd of others, but Love carries so much with it, that it is hard to find a more important word. There isn’t much right with the universe that I can’t label as a wrinkle on the theme of love.

Linguistically, it’s both a noun and a verb. You can give me your love, and I can love you in return.

Love More

Yes, if I’ve said that Love is the most important word, it’s hard to say that the two most important words don’t also include it. By adding a directive, I’m urging the reader / listener into action – and there aren’t many other directives that would have a greater effect.

No matter where you are today, and no matter what you’re doing, you can probably love more.

Love Creation More

Adding the third word gives an interesting nuance to this directive. On the surface, it’s identifying what the object of one’s love should be – all of creation. Under the surface it’s also introducing the concept that in and through creating we are exemplifying love.

Love All Creation More

It’s a simple word, but most inclusive.

Don’t just love those that are close to you, love it all.

And I’m not saying you have to like all of creation, but you do have to love it.

Always Love All Creation More

Perhaps it’s a weak fifth word – I’m not sure there isn’t a better word somewhere, but I like it.

It addresses when, and it lets you know that I don’t mean now and then, but all the time.

Love All Creation More, In All Ways

It’s possible that I like the fifth word so much because it allows me to create an extraordinary and perhaps unexpected result when I add the sixth word. And that’s what life’s all about.

Sure, the purists are shouting that I’ve split apart one word to make two and this “Six most important words” is really seven. I get it.

But that’s my point.

The half dozen most important words capture the meaning of life – including the fact that life is always changing, always creating, always expanding in new and unforeseen ways.

And that’s why I’m partial to this set of words.