Getting Ready

Growing Expectations

Something’s on the horizon in my life – I just don’t know what it is or how long before it arrives.

You see, I’ve been cleaning my personal office space over the last few weeks … sorting through old files and boxes of stuff, tossing clutter, and rearranging things … all in preparation – for something.

And if that’s my nesting response, the question is –

What am I getting ready for?



Every mother prepares for her newborns – whether that’s a nest for the eggs, a warm den for the cubs, or a new bassinet for the baby boy. (Ok – yes, father’s prepare too, and I’m not meaning to slight them (as I am one), but I’m making a point about nesting behaviors here…)

In my own household, I’ve charted remodeled rooms, stockpiling of resources, and repaired appliances in the weeks – no days – before the birth of a child.

Nothing gets in the way.

Office Cleaning

If you happen to know me, you might already have noticed that I have a tendency to pile things up (neatly), collect things that might be of use some day, and let unimportant matters mellow…

So if that’s my normal behavior, it’s quite an interesting feat for me to have pulled everything out of my office over these last three weeks or so.

I’m organizing the things to keep, and making plans to dispose of stuff that ought to have been disposed of long ago. (gasp!)

For What?

And that’s the question.

I can’t say that any one particular thing has pushed me into this behavior, but I am feeling compelled to get this accomplished so that I can be more effective in the future.

It’s clear nesting behavior, but I can’t quite put my finger on just what it is that I intuitively “know”.

That detail hasn’t become evident to my conscious mind…

I’ll be ready

But that’s ok – as I wrote previously, it’s kind of invigorating to head off full speed into the fog and not know where you’re going – until you realize where it is you’ve gotten to;-)

What are you getting ready for?

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