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Something Lighter for Today

Balancing weighty thoughts

When was the last time you considered your weight?  How about your thoughts?

Is your excess getting in the way?

I’m developing a new program that will clear your head – and it’s just what you need!

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The Freefall of Bad Decisions

Learning to stop the slide…

The first decision wasn’t awful – perhaps not completely thought through – but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Then circumstances conspired against me and the second decision – worse than the first – was the beginning of the end.

In hindsight, the smart thing would have been to sidestep and possibly let things run their course. Instead I felt I needed to “fix” things and just managed to compound a bad situation.

Why is it that we fail to get out of the track and stop making bad decisions?

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Putting the Pieces Together

A fascination with puzzles…

It might come as no surprise to readers that I’ve put together a fair number of puzzles in my time.

During a run the other week I started forming a “consolidated puzzle theory” of life – that whether we consciously think about it or not, our mind is sifting through all the pieces trying to get a glimpse of the complete picture.

Or rather – our mind ultimately “knows” what the completed picture looks like, and is fitting the individual pieces into their correct spot – to solve the puzzle.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Actually – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

The adjusted version (above) was my daughter’s piano teacher’s way of saying – simply running through a practice without working at getting everything right will just train you to do it incorrectly…

In other words … how we practice something is just as important as finding the time to practice in the first place.

This got me thinking about how each of the different activities I’m involved in puts a demand on my time. Not only to improve skills, but also just to maintain them.

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You’re Welcome

Accepting thanks

“Thank You.”

It’s a common enough phrase and I’m sure you’ve had it said to you many times. So many times in fact that your response becomes routine and automatic. ((Almost like saying “Bless you” or “Gesundheit” when someone sneezes.))

And this got me thinking about the responses and their effect on the flow of gratitude.

When you hear someone thank you, how do you respond?

Do you deflect the thanks by saying “it was nothing”?

Or possibly pass the thanks off by saying it was “no problem”?

Or do you accept the thanks and complete the flow of gratitude?

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