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Networking at the Frog Pond

Darcy Rezac’s – The Frog and Prince

What does a frog pond have to do with building you support network?

Like the princess looking for her prince, you’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs to build a good network. And to find the frogs, you’ll need to hang out at ponds.

In Darcy Rezac’s book “The Frog and Prince”, Darcy talks about way to build and maintain your support network. With a “fun” backdrop of frogs, ponds, and insightful anecdotes, Darcy gives you plans and advice that should help you ribbet with the best of them – and avoid croaking.

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Good Book, No Overdue Fine!

Summer reading that can help your revolution…

I was looking for a specific title on the shelf in the business section of the library, but a familiar name across the spine of the book caught my eye. I thought – hey – Guy Kawasaki – that’s one of the bloggers I follow, I wonder what he’s writing about there. Pulling the book from the shelf, I scanned the contents. In this book, Guy lays out the “rules” one has to break in order to succeed in creating a revolutionary product. Aside from generally enjoying Guy’s writing style, this topic interested me because of a side project I’m working on.

And so I left the library with Guy Kawasaki’s “Rules for Revolutionaries” in hand, anticipating a great read. I wasn’t disappointed!

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An(other) Overdue Fine I Don’t Regret

Robert Cialdini’s – Influence: Science and Practice

Last time I borrowed a book and hadn’t returned it on time, it was because I wasn’t finished with it. This time, I didn’t really start it, but knew I wanted to get to it. (funny how the hectic periods of life ebb and flow…) End result is the same though – I owe money to the public library, and am happy to support them for having a great book!-)

Robert Cialdini’s book – Influence: Science and Practice – explores why some decisions you carefully consider, and others come very quickly. In it he investigates why some situations allow for a quick, almost unconscious decision. Read the book for yourself and you’ll see things in a different light – whether you’re buying or selling…

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An Overdue Fine I Don’t Regret

Jack Canfield’s – The Success Principles

I had started, liked, but not quite finished Jack Canfield’s book – The Success Principles – and was facing a dilemma. Return the book to the library, or bring it back after the business trip with an overdue fine. I thought I had gotten most of the advice from the book and was on the fence. (It is a sizeable volume, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to lug it around the airport) In the end I brought it, finished it, and paid the fine ($2.25) – and couldn’t be happier.

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