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Take One Action Today

Consistent effort for consistent results

How is it that some people get things done – even in the face of all of life’s pressures and problems?

I admit to having an ambitious schedule – and will share my secret of getting things accomplished.

Ok, it’s not a secret, but I still think you’ll enjoy reading it…-)


Get one thing done

Yup, that’s all of it – Get one thing done

If all you were reading this for is the big thing, you’ve got it – get one thing done.

But I probably haven’t told you anything that you didn’t all ready know did I?

Well, there is more…

Each day

I don’t recall where it was, but I vividly remember reading advice about becoming an author, which said to “write a few pages every day”. I’m sure this is right up there in the top 10 bits of advice given to new authors. But there’s a reason.

Every day counts. Just think – if you wanted to be an author, and you stole a half hour each day to write just 2 pages at a time, you’d have a 700 page book after a year.

But no – we skip

“I can’t do it today, I’ll do double on Wednesday.”

“I was very successful yesterday, so I’m taking it easy today.”

“The guy who reads my pages didn’t reply to the last couple I sent, so I’m waiting to hear back from him.”

I’m sure you have your very own favorite reason to skip and put the effort off to another day…

I’ll make it easier – Every other day works just as well!

Ok, so you’ve got a busy life too – let’s scale back the accomplishment from a 700 page book to a more slim 350 page book – I’ll give you every other day off!

Consistency – that’s the thing.

The same people that can’t hold onto a schedule of every day have trouble holding onto a schedule of every other day.

It isn’t the time commitments, or the difficulty of the work – it’s what you tell yourself.

You can do it

As long as you doubt yourself, you’ll find a reason to put it off.

I’m telling you – you can accomplish nearly anything you set your mind to.

To give another example of consistent effort … Albert Einstein is credited with saying … “if you spend 15 minutes a day on a particular topic, in a year’s time you’ll be an expert.” Who wants to argue with Einstein?-)

A little bit each day

I’m going to come back to the “self talk” in the next article, but until then try taking consistent action – and see how much better you feel when you take little actions every day and get results.

Perhaps you’ll surprise yourself – perhaps you’ll confirm that you’ve known all along that you could do it – if you only got serious about it.

Just one step – consistently.