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Standing By

Image of barbed wire

It’s your lucky day – there’s money for you – if you will just stand by.

Yes, keep reading and I’ll show you what’s involved.

In order to succeed, you’re going to have to do something.

And by doing something, I mean doing nothing.

Some people will be detained. They’re people that might not mean anything to you, probably not your family. Occasionally one might have lived in your neighborhood. You’ve probably seen them around town and wondered about them though.

They’ll be kept apart because government leaders say they don’t belong here.

You might hear that the conditions where they’re kept are not the best – you could choose to believe the government when they says it’s fine.

You just have to stand by.

And then you’ll be better off.

You’re going to hear top officials call for people that aren’t like you and I to go away.

They’ll say it’s clear that these others aren’t satisfied with the country we’ve created. That there’s no reason for us to change at all, and it’s the others that should leave.

It’ll be taken care of.

All you have to do is stand by.

The country has been through some rough financial times lately, but you can see that we’ve turned the corner. The country’s current leadership pins the blame for those economic conditions on the instability caused by others. Explaining that we’ll be safer and better off when the others are gone.

You can go along to get along.

Don’t worry, you’ll be part of it if you stand by.

Church and Faith may have an important part in your life, and you can see religious organizations lined up on each side of this issue. You know some well-placed people, and they’re promising you that you’ll be better off with their position.

That may be true.

What I can’t answer for you is – how much.

I’m sure there’s a fortune to be made, if enough people just stand by.

It’s a relative figure, maybe some millions of dollars, maybe some thousands of dollars. But is there really a dollar amount that will get you to stand by?

Don’t worry, when it’s all over, you can say you were following orders and didn’t lead anything, you just stood by.

One thing though.

Before you go.

Take the time to ask yourself this: Are you the kind of person that can just stand by?

Take One Action Today

Consistent effort for consistent results

How is it that some people get things done – even in the face of all of life’s pressures and problems?

I admit to having an ambitious schedule – and will share my secret of getting things accomplished.

Ok, it’s not a secret, but I still think you’ll enjoy reading it…-)

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Visualize And Do

A tag-team for success

While sharing some of my recent successes with one of my un-official coaches (see my comments in the “Your Solopreneur Support System” article), she was excited and pleased at what I had accomplished since the last time we talked.

You see, while we were working together, one of the things she coached me about was to visualize where I wanted to be. Since then, not only have I been working on the visualization of my goals, but I’ve also followed that up by taking the needed actions to accomplish them.

The combination of the two activities is extremely powerful. Individually, each is a great tool for personal success. But when employed together, you may find (as I have) that the progress comes much faster.

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