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The Shovelator System!

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Just In Time

It’s good for other things too, right?

Those in business will recognize the term “Just In Time” as an inventory strategy – most often associated with manufacturing.

With more demands on my professional time, it seems I’ve unconsciously applied this strategy to my efforts here on Timely Insights… That got me thinking, where else can it be applied?

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Below The Fold

How a publishing concept can help you get organized

In publishing, whether in print on a newspaper or digitally with blogs and web sites, a key concept is “Above The Fold”. Boiled down, what this means is – put the important information, the stuff you want to grab your readers’ attention, directly in their line of sight.

You see, “Below The Fold” refers to the area of the page that requires some work to see – unfolding the paper or scrolling down the page.

I took the Below the Fold concept and applied it to my inbox. Let me tell you how this helped …

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Three Years of Timely Insights

Looking back at where we’ve been

August 8th marks the three-year anniversary for Timely Insights on the Net (with this being the 73rd article published).

I thought we’d use this article to look back at what we’ve done, what’s changed in the past three years, and to see if we can catch a glimpse of the future.

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Reader Survey and a Laugh

Help me understand what you’d like to see

Timely Insights on the Net has been slowly growing over two and a half years, and we’ve built a reasonable base of users.

What I’d like to do now is find out what articles you’ve enjoyed the most, or the type of article that you’d like to see covered. Can you help me?

What sort of article would you enjoy enough to forward a link and say, “check this out!”

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