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Godin Presents Presenting!

Don’t ever make a speech you have to apologize for

I read through several blogs and web sites every day, one I particularly enjoy is Seth Godin’s Blog.

In a recent entry, Seth writes that the speakers at the event were starting off with “I know you’re hungry, but…” After reading it, I thought to myself “Hey, I’ve written something like that too!” I re-read his article, chuckled to myself, and reviewed my article from 2006 – “How Not to Present” – and chuckled some more.

I love it when a good idea comes around again;-)

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Seth Godin Believes in Giving First!

Give First Economics in the real world

I’ve been relatively quiet about Give First Economics (GFE) – gently pointing out instances where I’ve used it, or when I want to call attention to others employing it.

Some may not think of GFE as an economic theory, but it works – and people are employing it in real world situations.

I jumped out of my chair the other night while reading Seth Godin’s blog. He talks about the typical marketing mindset, and then about his father – about giving first.

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