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Something Lighter for Today

Balancing weighty thoughts

When was the last time you considered your weight?  How about your thoughts?

Is your excess getting in the way?

I’m developing a new program that will clear your head – and it’s just what you need!

Read on…

Weighty matters

I’m not blazing a path through new territory when I say that weight is a weighty issue.  It’s on the cover of magazines and on the mind of people everywhere.

The formula is simple – excess weight comes from more calories in than out.

Simply put, our bodies are programmed to store some of these excess calories coming in for times when fuel is less available.

What about thoughts?

It’s easy to see our brains as thought machines – generating, revising, receiving, discarding and implementing thoughts all day long.

But just what happens when one doesn’t consume the thoughts that find their way into the brain?

Do we have to be concerned with having enough space to hold them?  Do they spoil or go stale?  Or worse – do our brains do something similar to what our bodies do with excess calories and convert excess thoughts into some fat-like substance?

Those that have let too many thoughts lie idle

Now that I’ve brought it to your attention, I’m sure you see them all around – over-thought people.  Individuals that have let their thinking go idle and are no longer in balance.

They tend to congregate in areas where thinking isn’t required.

It’d be too easy to get some cheap laughs here by bringing up examples of government, banking, and business. But the fact is that this issue cuts across social and economic factors, affecting rich and poor alike – you’ll find those afflicted out in public at places like large scale sporting events, in mall restaurants, and even across our highways.

Thought watchers!

You laugh – but I’m serious about this. We need organizations that will help over-thought people get back in shape – thinking about all of the thoughts that are left to waste.  Thinking up new thoughts that are waiting for the right conditions.  Lending their thoughts to problems that have been left unsolved for too long.

We’ll get together to support each other, come up with good plans to correct thought imbalances, and offer some healthy thought packages that individuals can consume at home.

Watch right here for more thoughts on this!

Heavy thoughts, light thoughts, and exercise

You might wonder if this buzz about thoughts is over rated – it’s not.

Some thinking is very heavy – you need to do it once in a while, but if you dwell on it, the weight can be oppressive.

Some thinking is rather light – it energizes and gets you going.  You should make this a consistent portion of your diet.

(And don’t get me started on the healthy thought pyramid that tells you how much of each type of thought is essential to your welfare – I’m so unhappy that studies have shown that it was put together in a flawed manner years ago!)

And no matter what thoughts you have, it’s important to get out and think them. Do this with friends and make it a conversation!

Getting a balanced diet

There’s a whole lot that could be written on this subject, but we’ve spent more than enough on these thoughts.  It’s time to get on with your day.

Have a great one – I just thought you might enjoy this morsel.