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Some Of My Worst Results Ever…

What’s old is new again.

Twice in the past week I’ve been quite satisfied with having completed tasks with some of the worst results that I’ve every achieved.

In fact, I’m still quite pleased with myself…


Yard work

I do most of my own yard work; it’s not that hard, and it keeps me busy.

In fact – after I got into the habit of running more often, I found it inconsistent to make time to go running for 90 minutes through the woods, but avoid walking behind a mower for the same 90 minutes.

If one was part of my workout routine, how could the other not be? (and while walking the mower is less effort than running, horsing it around obstacles works other parts of the body;-)

Watch out for those leg lifts…

So I ended up smashing my finger into into one of the overhead grips on the┬áNautilus┬ámachine at the YMCA as I was jumping up to do leg lifts a few weeks ago. It was quite a shock to come down from from the jump, feel the pain in my hand, see my finger at a bit of an odd angle, and then watch the blood seeping out…

Running through the woods, dodging tree limbs, holes and fallen logs – I seem to have no significant issues there, but put me in the gym, and apparently I’m a wreck. (who knows what I might do with a kettle bell;-)

The grass

And so last weekend I followed the mower around the yard in one of the very worst efforts at cutting the grass I can recall or even imagine. If one of my kids had done it that sloppily, I might have sent them back out to clean it up.

But I was quite happy with it.

The mostly one handed effort covered the parts of the yard that really needed it, and even if it didn’t look neat and pretty, it was done.

(And all I got out of it was a blister in a new spot on the good hand – that one hand ended up holding onto the mower handle at a somewhat awkward angle…)

The bushes

And today completed the “really good sloppy work” effort.

Earlier in the year I had trimmed most of the bushes in preparation for a graduation party, but I didn’t complete them all, and really needed to redo a few. (It’s usually a 2-3 day thing – we’ve got a lot of shrubbery)

And then the whole hand thing…

So today I hauled the trimmer around in one effort and trimmed the heck out of the bushes.

Again – I was sloppy, erratic, and quick. I figured I’d have this one chance to get it done and it better be done when my body (and hand) indicated that I was done…

It’s ok, I’m ok, you’re ok…

And you know what – nobody complained about the mowing, and I don’t expect any about the bushes either. (and if something is said, I’m just going to let it in one ear and out the other – really – you’d expect more from a one and three quarters handed person?-).

But you know what the really useful lesson is?

That it probably wouldn’t matter if I did it this badly when I wasn’t injured either.

And it wouldn’t matter if you did it this badly yourself…