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One Hundred Years

Celebrating an amazing lifetime

My paternal grandmother passed away in October, and I thought it would be nice to reflect on her life.

She led a simple but full one, and taught me a thing or two…


Living a long life

About a dozen years ago – when she was only 90 or so – I had the pleasure of driving her back home after a family event. It was a two-hour drive and we had a great talk during the trip.

During the ride, I asked her how it was to outlive all of her friends.

She paused for a moment before saying that not only had she outlive her friends; she outlived most of the generation younger than her as well…

Living with a purpose

She lived a simple life, in a small home, within a close community, in service to others.

And that made all the difference.

We talked about her volunteering at the senior center – the staff there had recently cut her back to one day a week “helping to server lunch to the old folks.” And that’s key from two aspects – that she was always busy, and that she didn’t include herself in that group. (Even though she was probably older than most of them;-)

Finding your purpose

My grandmother enjoyed helping others and looked forward to every day.

It doesn’t work as well to live without a purpose – so don’t stop looking until you find yours.

With one – you can live long and well.