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Depth or Breadth?

Grow one thing in detail, or grow many things?

This week I made a mental review of the topics we’ve covered so far here at Timely Insights. One thing I noticed is that while we have a fairly broad mission statement – “Devoted to exploring the nature of human life in our times” – there are some topics that we’ve come back to again and again, exploring them deeper.

This got me thinking about depth vs. breadth … specialist vs. generalist … a zoom lens vs. a wide angle.

Each outlook has its merits, but is one better than the other?

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Stress from the Non-Standard

Where is your Comfort Zone?

Our comfort zone isn’t an actual place, but describes the set of behaviors we are comfortable with, things we do that don’t create a sense of risk or make us anxious – where we feel safe and comfortable.

Our Comfort Zone is great when we need to relax, recover, and restore ourselves; to regroup and plan, but it’s not the best place to grow and extend.

For that, we need to leave the safety of our comfort zone. We need to push ourselves to experience the new and unfamiliar.

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