Give To Get

Results will follow

“Give to get.” – Catchy, isn’t it.

“Give to get.” – It’s short, sweet, and concise.

‘But what is “Give to get”?’ – It’s a good thing you asked because I was planning on telling you anyway.


“Give to Get”

“Give to Get” is a short phrase adopted by tip clubs and networking groups alike as a mantra of sorts. A motto to follow for success.

In this context it means that each member of the group has to pull his/her own weight. Providing for the group as well as receiving from the group. It’s worked for them for years because by giving first you earn your place in the group and provide a positive impact that others will remember.

If everyone else comes to the group with input, leads, etc, an individual not coming with them is not pulling their own weight. They are in essence, finding success at the expense (effort) of the others in the group.

On the other side of the coin, those that do come with input – “Fred, this might work for you”, “Sally, I thought of you when I heard …” – will be remembered and rewarded by the others of the group in turn.

Give First Economics

This is just another example of how Give First Economics can be applied to our everyday lives. By giving of ourselves first (a suggestion, a contact, a lead to a colleague) we better ourselves, and get back more in the process.

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