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I’m Paying For That

And you are too…

Ran across an interesting note to myself with this topic in it – from last winter.

It struck a nerve in me then and still bugs me a bit – so here, let me explain…

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I Was Here

Actually – it seems like you were here…

I passed some initials in a new section of concrete sidewalk this morning, and it got me thinking – everybody wants to let others know that they were here, don’t they?

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Cutting The Pie, And Choosing

One cuts, the other chooses…

As the youngest of 6, portions and portion control was always a big topic around the house.

The end to all arguments was simple – one of you divides it in half, the other picks.

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Responding To Complaints

I’m not the Complaint Department

I’ve come to realize that I really dislike complaints sent in my direction…

Maybe I’m more sensitive than others, but I really don’t have much to base this on. In any case, I’ll usually respond to stop complaints from happening. Unfortunately it isn’t always the response the other person might have hoped for though.

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Embarrassing My Kids For The Right Reasons

It’s Going to Happen…

I’ve come to the realization that with some of the things I do, I intend to embarrass my kids.

Not in any mean sort of way, but because I know that no matter what I do, I will embarrass them – that’s just one of the rules of being a dad.

And if I’m going to embarrass them, isn’t it better to do so for the right reasons?
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