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Three Years of Timely Insights

Looking back at where we’ve been

August 8th marks the three-year anniversary for Timely Insights on the Net (with this being the 73rd article published).

I thought we’d use this article to look back at what we’ve done, what’s changed in the past three years, and to see if we can catch a glimpse of the future.


Wait! You’re not Steve!

Yeah, you’re right, I’m not Steve. :)

I pretty much stay in the background here at Timely Insights, editing Steve’s prose and maintaining the web site. But every so often I feel the need to work on an article on my own … either to express an idea that needs to come out, or just to give Steve a break. :)

“What do you know about web publishing?”

It all started for me, in July, three years ago, when Steve asked me that question. “I have an idea for a project. What do you know about web publishing?”

My answer was an enthusiastic, “Almost nothing!” and Steve, knowing me as he does, knew I would take it as a challenge – it wouldn’t be long before I knew enough to get the project rolling.

We discussed what he had in mind, what he wanted to do, and some ideas for making it happen. And not long after, Timely Insights was born.

Looking Back

Looking back over the past three years of articles, you can see an evolution in Steve’s written voice as he becomes more relaxed and confident in what he writes.

For me, the editing of the articles has become easier as we’ve grown. Not only because after three years we’ve become more familiar with each other’s style, and have learned to better anticipate what the other meant to say (rather than the words they did say), but also because Steve is no longer trying to pack each article with multiple concepts and several tangents to the main content (well, at least most of the time now he isn’t. :) ).

Publishing the articles has been fairly consistent over the past three years. Sure, there have been the rare occasions when other obligations have forced us to skip a week. And every so often inspiration will hit and we’ll get ahead of the curve with two or three articles queued up. But overall we’ve been able to keep up the pace and publish an article every other week. (even if there have been times when we’ve had to scramble to get one completed on time. :) )

Looking Forward

What does the future hold for Timely Insights?

Well, I can’t actually see the future, but it might be time to throw some articles back at Steve and ask for some long awaited follow-ups. :)

One thing I’m sure of is that Timely Insights will continue to evolve and grow as both Steve and I take what we learn and reapply it to what we do.

And it’s a pleasure to have you along for the ride.