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Reader Survey and a Laugh

Help me understand what you’d like to see

Timely Insights on the Net has been slowly growing over two and a half years, and we’ve built a reasonable base of users.

What I’d like to do now is find out what articles you’ve enjoyed the most, or the type of article that you’d like to see covered. Can you help me?

What sort of article would you enjoy enough to forward a link and say, “check this out!”


Where we’ve been

It’s always interesting slotting new articles into the archive categories. The rule has been to create a new category if enough “miscellaneous” articles would populate it, and you can see for yourself here:

The Timely Insights Article Archive

New articles have been guided by what’s happening in my life, and the interesting perspectives I’ve taken on those activities.

But to make sure what I write about in the future doesn’t veer too far from what our readers have come to expect, I’d like your help…

Hearing from the silent majority

Ok, so we haven’t heard a lot from readers to date – but really – it’s easy enough to comment. Just drop your feedback below (and use a pseudonym if you don’t want me to know it’s you;-), and complete the anti-spam box at the bottom. (Yes, it’s both effective and required – we had a heavy stream of spam comments before putting it into place)

If you can’t think of a way of describing what you’d like to see, tell me what articles you’ve liked the most – I’ll look for similar topics or write a few more things along those lines.

Funny stuff…

Ok, I promised a laugh, and have an online comic strip to recommend to you – I like xkcd, a stick-person narrative with an odd sense of humor. As a Computer Science graduate, I get most of the humor. The artist crosses over into pop culture, so even if you’re not technical, you might still get a chuckle or two, but I make no promises;-)