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Asking Before You’re Ready

Can I give you what you’ve asked for?

Let’s say we’re working together on a project, and you say “hand me the hammer”. When I hold out the hammer, I’m expecting you to take it from my hand. What happens when you come back with “Wait – I don’t want that yet”…

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Some Of My Worst Results Ever…

What’s old is new again.

Twice in the past week I’ve been quite satisfied with having completed tasks with some of the worst results that I’ve every achieved.

In fact, I’m still quite pleased with myself…

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Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

If you’re going to draw a line, be careful where you put it…

Let’s have a look at sources of food.

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Powered By The Light From Billions Of Stars

I am, and you are too.

There’s no question that this earth is driven by our sun.

All you have to do is stand outside on a clear day and feel the warmth of its rays.

There is, perhaps, a bit more going on, as our sun is but one amongst the billions of billions of stars…

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The Unfettered Age

It’s not my father’s environment

Sure – I’m the youngest of six, but I’ve been around a while.

I’ve always found it interesting that my father experienced so much transition in his life. He was born in 1926 and lived through a whole lot of interesting times.

Myself – I remember thinking as a kid that all the huge changes had happened before my birth – what else was there? And the thought that struck me today – is how much things really have changed since my own youth.

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